About e-law


E-Law library is a comprehensive online law library providing access to laws of Tanzania.  It publishes legal information which comprises mainly case law from Tanzania, Bills and Acts of Parliament, subsidiary legislation, Government Gazette, e-law books, research papers and other related documents.

E – Law which was founded by Dr Onesmo Michael Kyauke in 2014 intends to support the administration of justice in Tanzania and beyond.  E – Law is open to the legal professionals including Judges, Magistrates, State Attorneys, Advocates, Law Students and the public at large.  Indeed, it provides legal materials required for the purpose of research, reviews, private study as well as for use in courts and tribunals.

We can proudly assure you that legal information is now available at your desk or on the move; therefore, you should spend less time researching and have more time to focus on crafting your arguments.